Warrior Values

Hard Work

We cannot do the work for you. We will equip you to be the best, but you will fight the battle.  You are the Warrior.


Refusal to quit. Do you want it? Go get it. No excuses. Fight like a Warrior.


We desire to aid our athletes in developing a “right-sized” view of themselves. In a world where athletes are glorified, we feel that it’s important to be intentional about training players with confidence as opposed to hubris.


You are responsible. For your training, your attitude, and your commitment.

Competitive Nature

Never allow yourself to get comfortable. Push the limits. Raise the bar. Compete with yourself.


We can control the work we put in, but we cannot always control the outcome. Be grateful for all things, because there will be lessons and opportunities for growth in everything.


Warriors are strong and courageous. The battle is in the mind; attitude is everything.


You get what you put in. It won’t be easy; It may take time. But, if you work with us and do your part, you will get results.


For everyone.