Having Ashley Myers on our squad for one year at UNCW was like having another coach on the field.  Her knowledge of the game is excellent and she fully understands the technical and tactical demands of playing at a high level.

Her training habits were that of a Champion! By her example, she led our team in 2009 and our season culminated in our first ever CAA Championship and trip to the NCAA Tourney.

What separates Ashley from others is her absolute desire to prepare. She trains hard. She looks after her body and was always looking for ways to improve. In short, she was the consummate student-athlete, and I have no hesitation in saying that she is an excellent trainer and will positively influence those who work with her.

Paul Cairney
UNCW Head Women’s Soccer Coach

I have witnessed Ashley coaching in various settings from individual and small group sessions to team training.  She has also spent time working with my own children’s soccer skills. I cannot think of a better person to teach soccer to children; Ashley is passionate about what she does, she is a responsible, caring, and thoughtful person, and her knowledge and understanding of the game of soccer is tremendously vast. As a former high level player, she is not only able to teach the theory of technique and tactics, but also to demonstrate to her players how things are done in practice. I miss having the chance to work with her.

Mika Elovaara, PhD
UEFA B-License, USSF B-License